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Alvin Fahmi Baihaki

smartcars stop recording on decending ,\r\n\r\nsmartCARS version, 2020/12/1 UTC+7\r\n[04:47:58 AM] Preflight started, flying on IVAO\r\n[04:47:59 AM] Flying QualityWings 787-10 Etihad Airways A6-BMH -SATCOM\r\n[04:50:25 AM] Pushing back with 109961 lb of fuel\r\n[04:50:48 AM] Engine 2 is on\r\n[04:51:39 AM] Engine 1 is on\r\n[04:52:15 AM] Flaps set to position 2\r\n[04:52:17 AM] Flaps set to position 3\r\n[04:53:32 AM] Taxiing to runway\r\n[05:00:46 AM] Taking off\r\n[05:01:11 AM] Climbing, pitch: 7, roll: level, 169 kts\r\n[05:01:23 AM] Gear lever raised at 455 ft at 189 kts\r\n[05:01:48 AM] Flaps set to position 2 at 2105 ft at 180 kts\r\n[05:02:25 AM] Flaps set to position 0 at 3184 ft at 211 kts\r\n[05:16:07 AM] Cruising at 31000ft, pitch: 2, 522 kts\r\n[10:26:08 AM] Descending


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